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Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday Reads

  1. First Google Glass and now smart contact lenses.  Google and Novartis are joining forces to develop contacts that measure glucose levels and provide real-time updates to an app for people with diabetes.  Apparently there's data in your tears that can be transmitted to your smartphone.  It's like we're living with the Jetsons.     
  2. Music sets the mood.  A mellow song is great for a cry sesh and a real rump shaker gets me ready for a night out.  Music can also actually serve as medicine to aid dementia patients, combat low birth weight, or enhance the taste of wine.
  3. Chicago has seen some massive spikes in violence.  Over the weekend the city saw 40 shootings.  Where is this coming from?!
  4. According to a new PEW study, Americans like Jews, Catholics, and Evangelical Christians...Muslims and Atheists, not so much.  Read through to see how the data has been sliced and diced.

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