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Monday, July 14, 2014

Monday Reads

  1. I kinda love these drunk horoscopes.  How spot on is yours?
  2. I'm proud to say I got all five questions right on the test NYC private pre-Ks are now admitting.  But I had to think pretty hard.  And I'm 29.  Who are these baby geniuses?  
  3. Violence in Israel is out of hand.  Let me break it down: First, 3 Israeli teens were kidnapped and murdered.  Then, a few rogue Israelis retaliated with the murder of a Palestinian teen (the Israeli nation does not condone this).  Then things got really bad.  While I was busy celebrating the 4th of July, Hamas terrorists launched over 200 rockets at Israeli civilians.  Then Palestinians tried to burn Joseph's tomb.  There is so much rocketfire that 1,500 IDF reservists had to be called into action (and the government authorized up to 40,000).  This is terrifying and needs to stop, but I hate to admit I don't know how that will happen.  I have now learned that 45% of the toddlers in the down of Sderot, my first [and potentially most meaningful] stop in Israel, have been diagnosed with PTSD.  
  4. Pitbulls are infamous in American culture.  Sure, some think of the lovable dog from The Little Rascals with the ring around his eye, but more often then not the breed conjures images of vicious fighting dogs. 

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