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Monday, May 19, 2014

Monday Reads

  1. All you need to know about India's elections are best learned through conversations around street food.
  2. In recent years, I have had many acquaintances be diagnosed with MS.  If you're noticing the same, I recommend learning what the disease is all about.
  3. Including a middle initial in your name will make others perceive you as more intelligent.  This is good news for my manfriend who signs his name Albert O. Neudeck IV.  Wonder what a roman numeral gets ya?
  4. You know how all these people suddenly became gluten free?  Though the epidemic seemed to come out of nowhere, I was willing to support my gluten-free friends when they swore it made them sick and endured annoying, complicated trips to restaurants (and their attention craving attitudes).  Looks like [with the exception of Celiac Disease] there's no such thing as a gluten intolerance.  So glad someone finally called these people out on their nonsense.  In the meantime, a multi billion dollar industry has been built around gluten-free products, seemingly unnecessarily.   

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