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Friday, May 9, 2014

Grey Bar and Restaurant

Flatiron has always been an area worth visiting.  You can do some shopping at places like Anthropologie, chill in Madison Square Park, or enjoy the wonder that is Eataly.  But when it comes to bars, there are only a few to choose from.  Most of the bars in that 'hood are really just restaurants that happen to serve drinks, but that's not always what I'm looking for.  26th Street has always had a few good spots, but in the last year or so, the street has really blown up.  Now it is what I would call a "strip" - restaurants and bars, one right after the other.  You've got Hog's Pit for the rowdy set, Flatiron Hall for a more reserved crowd, and now Grey Bar somewhere in between.  Nothing truly stood out, except the walls and chandeliers.  Big fan of those.  They also made a great mint julep for the Derby that could only have been better if it had been served in a julep cup.  The prices are middle of the road and there are plenty of tvs for game watching so it works as a good go-to in the neighborhood.

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