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Thursday, May 8, 2014

3 on Thursday

And the busy weeks just keep coming.  My crazy work schedule has seriously cut into my gym sessions, but as of today, busy work life should be transitioning to busy social life - far more preferable.
Background: An ad campaign I worked on was up for an award last week and this is a shot from the banquet.  We didn't take home the grand prize, but ain't nothin wrong with silver!

  1. Though it seems everyone uses Uber (the app that stores your credit card info, connects you to drivers, and tracks how far away they are), I have relied on my own taxi-hailing skills to get places.  I downloaded it on a whim a week and a half ago simply to be cool but never even opened the app on my phone.  I made a point to change when I received an email from Uber alerting me of an upcoming promotion.  This past Saturday, Uber teamed up with Goodwill to do some amazing charity work.  If you opened up your app on Saturday morning a button labeled "Spring" appeared.  All you had to do was click it and order a car like you normally would except this time when the car arrived you just loaded it up with bags of clothes for Goodwill.  Within minutes an SUV was in front of my building, my old clothes were carted away, I didn't pay a dime, and I got to feel good about doing something for others without even getting out of my pajamas.  Considering I have had a pile of clothes for Goodwill sitting at the bottom of my closet for about a year that I only remember at inopportune moments, this is a service I would have gladly paid for.  The fact that Uber did this out of the goodness of their hearts will make me a loyal customer.
  2. This past Saturday was Derby Day!  I loved getting dolled up to watch the race and drink mint juleps.
  3. Obsessed with my adorable new notebooks.

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