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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Brooklyn Oyster Party

I like any vendor who has the word "party" in their name.  Just saying the word party (or more accurately "partaaay") makes me want to start dancing.  Brooklyn Oyster Party was a new vendor at Madison Square Eats and the one that received the majority of Albert's attention.  

Getting a half dozen oysters on ice is the kind of thing you order at nice restaurants...not exactly street fair food.  But we were all decked out for the Derby and it was a beautiful day so it just felt right to glam it up a bit.  Because it was so out of the norm to see an oyster stall, it felt all the more classy.  There we were, sitting underneath a Marimekko umbrella, with a spiked lemonade in one hand and a freshly shucked oyster in the other.  

I liked that we were still able to choose our oysters upon ordering (two options for east coast, two for west).  It made it feel like they weren't sacrificing quality just because it was a stall at a pop-up food festival.  I was also a big fan of their cucumber ginger mignonette sauce.  Oysters are usually all about being traditional, but I liked this twist on the classic.  Then again, once you start shucking at a street fair, you've veered away from traditional already.

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