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Monday, May 5, 2014


I had some great ideas about how I would spend the Derby on Saturday.  I planned to gather all my fabulous friends, we'd wear fabulously dapper outfits, and we would have a fabulous party at a bar.  Unfortunately, pretty much all my friends were busy and/or out of town so the fabulous-ness was put on hold.  But then Albert came to the rescue with all sorts of great ideas, the first being lunch at Madison Square Eats, which just reopened this weekend.  

Now that Madison Square Eats has returned [for their 6th year], I feel like it's officially Spring.  The pop up food market has grown and added even more vendors this year, but my first stop had to be one of their original stalls.  Though Calexico was one of the first to join Madison Square Eats, I had never gone because the line was always so long.  Now that there are more options to choose from, the Calexico station stays packed but the wait is very manageable.    

I ordered the chipotle pork taco that looked small (especially for $5) but it was actually very filling.  I particularly liked the pickled onions on top but would have liked for the meat to be a bit spicier.  What it lacked in spice, however, it made up for in tenderness.  The meat was super juicy - you could tell it had spent a long time cooking.  

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