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Monday, October 7, 2013

Joe & Misses Doe

Because of how much I enjoyed the small JoeDough sandwich shop, I was eager to try their new restaurant as soon as it opened.  I made it to Joe & Misses Doe within a month and a half of their opening. I'll give it to ya straight: it was hit and miss.

The spicy oxtail special had good - albeit spicy - flavor, but it was prepared like their wings. I'm sure the wings are good, but oxtail requires a different treatment, one that allows the meat to just fall off the bone. It was too difficult to get to the good stuff. The real disappointment, however, was the French dip dumplings. I called dibs on this before we even got to the restaurant (since I'd reviewed the menu beforehand, natch). Unfortunately, they were bland. Nothing more to say about that.

The snacks, on the other hand were great. I was lucky I even got to try one of their house made pickles before Albert ate all of them. What a fiend, that boy. They were like spicy bread and butter pickles. I didn't think you could be both spicy and sweet when it came to pickles. I also loved the deviled eggs, especially because they seemed to put two whole yolks in each half.  Between that and the drink menu, there are enough good items to merit another visit.

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