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Thursday, October 10, 2013

3 on Thursday

It's week 2 of 2 for the Lowcountry wedding themed "3 on Thursday."  I've been back for a week and a half but I still miss being home.  Part of that is missing the feeling of being swept up in the excitement of a wedding.  Andrew and Lee's wedding and reception was so beautiful.  I may one day have to steal their idea of hanging a chandelier outside.  For now I'll settle for using a pic of it as my background for today's post.  Lucky for me, I get to go to another wedding this weekend.  This one will be in Connecticut and I'm thinking much different from the one in Charleston, but it's pretty hard to hate on a wedding.

  1. One of my favorite treats is boiled peanut.  It's a Lowcountry specialty - I don't even think you can find the right kind of peanuts in NYC - so I always try to get them when I'm home.  When I think boiled peanuts, I can see myself eating them dripping wet, prune fingers, hanging on the side of the pool.   They're only in season in the summer so I just barely squeezed them in on this trip.  Knowing it would be my last chance to get them for a while, I ate about four servings.
  2. Andrew and Lee's wedding fell right in the middle of a big UGA game (vs. LSU).  Since most wedding attendees were diehard Georgia fans, there were plenty of people sneaking updates on their phones during the ceremony.  The nailbiter of a game was ending during the cocktail hour and somebody actually projected it onto the side of the building.  Only in Georgia...
  3. In a small town like Savannah, the opening of Whole Foods became the event of the season.  It's the place to see and be seen so I had to go like all the other cool people.  While there, we picked up a full spread of snackies because whenever my Mom has a full house she loves to host a good happy hour.  We had all sorts of olives and pickled vegetables (the Savannah Whole Foods has a pickle bar - the first of it's kind, the cashier told us), pimento cheese, cheese and crackers, scuppernongs (a favorite, pronounced scoppa-nines), and of course, wine and beer.  

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