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Thursday, October 3, 2013

3 on Thursday

Thankfully I'm back on track after my 4 AM Tuesday morning wake up call.  That 6 AM flight is brutal, but it was worth it to have all of Monday at home with my family.  When so much of my long weekend home was actually spent in Charleston for Andrew and Lee's wedding, I really needed the extra day to get in some good Savannah time.  This is part 1 of 2 for Lowcountry themed "3 on Thursday."  The background for this week is a shot of an old Charleston cemetery off King Street that was more Secret Garden than spooky.

  1. My brother and sister in law got to live their fantasy of downtown living this summer.  They spent a few months in a great apartment after selling their old home and waiting for the new one to finish construction.  They are happy to be back by the river, but loved living so close to Savannah's vibrant, downtown scene.  Based on how much he talked about it, my brother's favorite part about living downtown was being a block away from a growler shop.  He loves their selection and I loved the quote they had posted outside.
  2. The Delta terminals at LGA have gotten a makeover and this trip was the first time I've taken advantage of their handy iPad ordering system with credit card readers docked right at the bar.  It made grabbing a bite or a drink before the flight very easy.
  3. This trip marked Albert's first flight in a decade so we had to share a toast...that's not coffee in those cups.  

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