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Thursday, October 24, 2013

3 on Thursday

I've been lucky enough to have a couple short weeks in a row.  It feels a bit strange to now have a full, 5-day work week.  On top of that, the cool weather has hit New York and is finding its groove.  I'm sure I'll be very sick of it soon; but now, with the cold in it's infancy, I'm enjoying the richness of Fall with all it's warm colors.

  1. The Food Network NYC Wine and Food Festival recently took over the city.  There were demonstrations and seminars for days and I was lucky enough to get a ticket to the grand tasting.  Upon arrival we received a wine glass on a lanyard, which is just too convenient not too love.  I would consider wearing this daily. 
  2. New York is full of wacky people and wacky people make wacky signs.  I'm not sure if this sign was advertising an open house to adopt cats, to look at an apartment, or to generally celebrate Octoberfest.  Whatever it's selling, I like it.
  3. If you've read the last few posts, you know I hosted a dinner party on Friday night.  After Matt and Karina had Albert and me (and Shawn who unexpectedly tagged along) over for supper a couple months ago, we realized how amazing dinner parties can be.  As long as you call it a dinner party, you can get wasted and still be considered classy.  Matt and Karina read our minds and brought Cards Against Humanity with them again because it's a great game that is guaranteed to provoke laughter.  It doesn't take much to take a dinner table from everyday to party.  Mini pumpkins invade grocery stores in October so I put a little sharpie on em and instantly had festive place settings for very little money.  Flowers befitting the Fall theme (seen in today's background) finished off the table and a signature cocktail brought it all together.  For the cocktail I just mixed caramel vodka with Simply Apple juice.  It tasted just like a caramel apple - thanks for the idea, Pinterest!

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