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Tuesday, August 13, 2013


After a big night out on Saturday, Liz and I were looking for a quiet brunch on Sunday.  Eggs Florentine were about as crazy as I planned to get.  Perry's looked like a great Sunday spot to get some brunch food and maybe people watch at the tables outside.  But as we started walking up the stairs to see the hostess we began to notice the inside didn't seem as calm as the outside.  The music was pounding.  The girls were cheering.  We had walked into DRAG BRUNCH.  

For $25 you get a full drag show and an all-you-can-eat buffet.  It was such a random mix of food (california rolls, scrambled eggs with bacon, greek salad, and soup), but I was too concerned with the performing transexuals to really notice.  I recommend a few mimosas to ease you into the wackiness that is drag queens lip synching to Lady Gaga but those are $7 each so count for that in your budget.  I would also budget a handful of ones as the ladies performing like to get a little something extra in exchange for their act.  Drag brunch was a wholly unexpected way to spend a Sunday afternoon but it left me in great spirits for my bus ride back to NYC.
The one on the left is Miss Gigi Paris Couture and she has a great set of knockers.

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