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Monday, August 19, 2013

Mayhem and Stout

The name sounds so rock and roll but it's fitting because this sandwich shop serves braised meat with an attitude.  Mayhem and Stout started as a stall at NYC flea markets and just opened their first brick and mortar location on Friday - a convenient one block walk from my apartment.  Since it's so close I had no excuse not to be there on opening night.  I had never sampled their food at the markets, but by the looks of the line, plenty of New Yorkers had.

Without too much time to mull over the options, I ordered two of their popular combinations instead of designing my own sandwich.  The short rib and brisket sandwich with blueberry sriracha and pickled onions was not as crazy as it sounds.  The pickling made the mound of onions less bitter and the meat just melted when it hit my mouth.  I can only imagine how long the meat had to simmer to render chewing unnecessary.  I also tried the braised pork shoulder with black cherry mustard and roasted kale.  The kale and black cherry gave it a bit of a sour/bitter thing - in a good way.  I'm not really explaining that well.  The short rib and brisket was my preferred sandwich, however, just because the meat had so much flavor.  It may seem insignificant, but I must mention the pickles.  Clearly homemade and with just the right amount of garlic and spices.  Nice and crispy.

So many sandwich combos to try - and don't think I'm not going to try them ALL.  Yayyyy for new amazing food in Murray Hill!

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