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Thursday, August 1, 2013

3 on Thursday

What makes me happier than reminiscing about the great time I had when my Mom was here two weeks ago?  Nada.  Here are a few more highlights from our weekend:
Two weeks ago we had a crazy heat wave but, being New Yorkers, didn't have the luxury of getting into an air conditioned car when traveling around the city.  At some point, for your own sanity, you need to stop complaining and start laughing about it.  This sign outside a Greenwich Village bar got me to do just that.

My Mom and I were lucky enough to score free tickets to Book of Mormon while she was here and - yup - it was just as funny and awesome as everyone says.  If you live here in NYC, I recommend standing in line for the lottery every weekend til your name is picked. 

While walking around the West Village with my Mom and Albert, we stumbled upon Sockerbit, a Swedish candy store that - believe it or not - does not carry Swedish Fish (something about the dye on the real imported ones not being FDA approved - yikes).  It's exactly what you would think of a Swedish store - sparse, all white, and modern.  The candies are mostly of the gummy and marshmallow variety but far more whimsical than what we see here in the US, as you can see with the marshmallow mushrooms pictured above.   

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