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Friday, August 23, 2013

10th and Willow

After checking out Steph and Gav's new, very grown up condo we decided to stay in the neighborhood for brunch and walked to nearby 10th and Willow.  The moment they brought out the mini muffins I was happy.  They basically made funfetti butter by mixing in sprinkles and chocolate chips.  This is a fiver year old's dream.  How great would that be as it melts on top of pancakes or waffles?  Why are mothers all over the world not doing this for their kids?  I'm sure the answer is because it's not healthy.  Phooey.  Give your kids a little fun butter for breakfast and just make them eat broccoli with supper later.  While we're at it, give adults fun butter for breakfast.  I promise to eat all my vegetables at suppertime.

For my entree I ordered a huge breakfast burrito and added avocado.  It was just as I expected.  Standard, but ain't nothin wrong with that.  I would have gotten very upset if they had messed up a breakfast burrito.

Key takeaway: funfetti butter is the condiment of the future.

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