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Monday, September 5, 2011

Chatting and Chewing

On Saturday, the plan was to eat and then hit up the green market, so we needed a restaurant right around Union Square.  After some investigation, we picked Chat 'n Chew since it was cheap and just a few feet away from all the fresh produce in the square.  The decor is like Union Square itself - half bustling urban with it's metal walls and half down home farm style with roosters and chalkboards.

I went with the breakfast burrito special, which was a hug tortilla filled with chili, eggs, cheese, and a southwestern mayo on the side.  The menu is small and simple - just a few sweet and a few savory items, but there is at something for everyone and nothing over $11.  It was exactly what we needed to fuel up before the green market where Jon picked up fruits and veggies for his home juicer.  Did you know juicing is all the rage now?

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