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Thursday, September 8, 2011

3 on Thursday

My office was generous enough to give us both Friday and Monday off for Labor Day so I got two short weeks in a row - yayyy.  In case the short week isn't enough to get you through to the weekend, here's this week's top 3:
Ok, so we lost our first game against Boise State and that was depressing, but I'm ready jump right into a winning streak this weekend with the UGA vs. South Carolina game.  Our first game of the season, sponsored by Chick-fil-A and held in the Georgia Dome also came with new uniforms, courtesy of Nike.  I was not a fan of the uniforms - as many people pointed out, they made us look like power rangers and I don't think we should monkey with the long-standing silver britches traditions.  And I'll say it, they looked a little ghetto.  The gloves, however, I'll admit were pretty cool.  Loved watching the players run onto the field making the Georgia G with their hands, as pictured above.

It is officially Fall, and here in NYC, Mother Nature took the post-Labor Day season change seriously with chilly rain every day this week.  Now that Autumn is in the air, it's time to move away from the bright colors of Summer and into more subdued Fall nails.  Essie's Big Spender is one of my favorite Summer to Fall transition colors.

This pic is representative of last night's play date with Stephanie.  We headed to Eataly where we hit up at least half the different food stations and toted our wine with us as we moved around the store.  One of my favorite dishes was the farrotto special, above - farro risotto made with corn, king oyster mushrooms, and a little parmesan.  Another favorite was the glass of rose I tried - never thought I was a rose kinda girl, but I really liked it, especially for only $7/glass.  Since you're allowed to carry your wine with you (glass or bottle), I highly suggest you do what we did, a "Tour of Eataly".  Grab a drink and check out as many different stations as possible, sharing one item at each.  Hey, it's cheaper than a plane ticket. 

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