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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Beer at Birreria

It took me literally the entire summer, but on the last official Friday afternoon of Summer 2012, I finally made it to Birreria, the rooftop bar at Eataly.  The weather was simply perfect for outdoor drinks and nibbles so we spent a few hours chilling on the roof.  The food is good, but the selection and prices seem better downstairs in the main Eataly web of food stations.  I would go early, get some food downstairs (maybe put your name on the list if it looks like a line is forming) and then head to the roof just for drinks.

On the upside, the Eataly staff makes sure the bar never gets overly crowded.  There was more than enough space to spread out and it was so nice to be able to enjoy this prime outdoor real estate without getting bumped and banged.  The downside is that this means the bar fills up quickly and a line soon develops downstairs in front of the elevator.  If you happened to get caught in a 30+ minute line and decided it wasn't worth it and now fear the bar will be closed now that Summer is over, fear not.  The bar has a retractable roof and heat lamps so we can keep  this party going all year long.

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