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Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Great New View

Kimberly is such an 80s/90s Valley Girl name.  Can’t you just hear it?  “Hi, I’m Kimberly.  Teehee.  Like totally!”  Alas, this post is not about a Saved by the Bell character (oh, how I wish it was!); it’s actually about a hot new [as of this Summer] rooftop in Midtown East: Upstairs at the Kimberly.

You can never go wrong with an open view of the Chrysler Building.  You really can’t go wrong when that view is from a garden escape with ivy on the walls and light bulbs strung overhead.  It’s the swankiest garden party I’ve ever seen.  It’s not the biggest rooftop in the city and it is sectioned off nicely so it still manages to feel intimate while providing a magnificent view of the NYC skyline.

I enjoyed my bourbon/muddled raspberry concoction (drinks run around $16), and I particularly liked that the waitresses were far less stand-offish than at most NYC rooftops.  Perhaps they were feeling a tad spunkier due to the fact that it was a Monday night and our group was a nice departure from the rest of the crowd, which seemed to be mostly hotel guests.  From what I’ve heard, come Thursday, it’s all trendy New Yorkers, and I wonder if the waitresses’ demeanor shifts with the crowd.     

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