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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Broil, Don't Bake

I didn’t get back from the gym until after 9 last night, which means three things: 
  1. Dinner was going to be late so it needed to be quick and easy
  2. I wanted to carbo-load
  3. Since I had just worked out, I didn't want junk
I managed to find a meal to satisfy all the above needs thanks to a recipe adapted from Real Simple magazine that my Mommy pre-tested for me.  I cut two fresh tomatoes into thick slices and covered each with a mixture of fresh parmesan and fresh mozzarella.  I popped those bad boys in the oven until the tops got browned and bubbly.  While they were doing their thing, I set up a pot and small pan on the stove.  I boiled fettuccine in the pot while I heated oil in the pan.  While the oil was getting warm, I stuck a clove of smashed garlic in the pan that I left whole and some red pepper flakes.  When the oil was done, I removed the garlic clove (thank you, Mr. Garlic, for infusing my oil with flavor), poured it over the cooked pasta, and tossed with some fresh basil, salt, and pepper.  The tomatoes went right on top as the “meat” of the meal. 

Usually, if I make a pasta as a full meal, it’s rich and creamy – no bueno for Summertime.  This dish was light enough for the warm weather but still satisfied me after a big workout.  If you make it (and why wouldn’t you?  I just gave you a ton of reasons why it’s good), I suggest broiling the tomatoes.  Why I stuck the tomatoes in the regular oven instead of the broiler when the recipe was clearly called pasta with broiled tomatoes, I have no idea, but it was a mistake.  Since they were getting cooked from all sides, the tomatoes lost their firmness.  Still tasty, but next time I won’t be so brainless.     

Side note: It is slightly depressing when you are admiring the gym instructor's bangin' body and she turns around to reveal she is about 6 months preggo.  Seriously?!  The chick was wearing booty shorts.  I can't squeeze my ass into those now, and I am nowhere near pregnant.  Her body pregnant is what I aspire to.  Sad.    

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