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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Chili Powder to the Rescue

Last night the Ultimate Conditioning instructor was a pint sized drill sergeant.  She was possibly 4’9”, weighing around 93 lbs, with super cut arms.  Looking at her, I thought the class was going to be a joke, but by the end, she was the only one laughing.  After an intense class like that, I was too tired to pick up any supper ingredients so I had to make do with what I had on hand, which was not much.  The final product may sound a little weird, but it tasted better than I expected and was packed with protein.

I rinsed a can of black eyed peas and tossed them with half an avocado, shredded rotisserie chicken, salt, pepper, a few good shakes of chili powder and a couple other spices (paprika, bit of cumin, dash of red wine vinegar).  I think a squeeze of lime would have been a nice addition, but like I said, I was working only with leftovers and a couple cupboard essentials like spices and beans.  I’m glad I didn’t ruin my workout with a terrible meal and it’s amazing how you don’t even need the fatty bits when you have good spices like chili powder to enhance the flavor of a dish.

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