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Monday, April 18, 2011

A Wine Wonder

Matt and Jen opened my eyes this weekend to a beautiful thing: Saturday wine tastings at Union Square Wines.  Do you like wine?  If you’re a red-blooded human being, the answer is probably “yes.”  Unless you’re the freak of nature who replied “no” to that question, you’ll be happy to learn that Union Square Wines has a free – YES, FREE – wine tasting every Saturday.  Walk to the back of the store, grab a glass, and start tasting.  The pours are small, but there are four tables - each serving six wines - so you’ll definitely get a glass or two’s worth.  This week it was all about pinot noir and I discovered some new faves that I’ll probably go back and buy.  If I was smart, however, I would have bought a bottle or two right then and there because featured wines are offered at a 30% discount.

This is a great way for winos to try a wide range of wines from different regions and price points.  Prices ranged from $15 bottles to a $96 bottle – I never would have been able to try that 96er if it wasn’t for this, so it was well worth it. 

As you’ll see in the pic below, a three-week-old is not enough to hold Jen back, so she strapped Avery into the Bijorn and got to tasting.  I’m glad we’re starting Avery young.  If I have anything to do with it, she’ll be the youngest sommelier in history.

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