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Monday, April 25, 2011

Unanswered Questions: Gossip Girl Recap - 4/25/11 Episode

This episode was definitely better than last week's.  There is definitely some shady stuff going on that we'll have to watch unfold, but let's focus on what's currently going on for now:

  • Would Lily really shop on Gilt Group?  I get the product placement, but if she can't shop on Madison Ave., someone like Lily Van der Woodsen would call up Donatella herself if she wanted clothes and couldn't leave the house, not scour the web for discount duds.
  • Raina wants to hide all the information about her mother from she leaves it right out in the open in his apartment?
  • Question to all readers: Have you ever kissed anyone to confirm you don't have feelings for him/her?  No!  That only happens in movies and is not a plausible excuse, Blair.  
  • Where's the real Blair?  The one we've grown to love has spent way too much time practicing deception in the UES to think no one would find out about her and Dan's kiss at a packed party.  That was a careless error, B. 
  • Has anyone better described Serena's clothes than Blair who said "No, that says 'Let's skip dinner and make a sex tape'"?
Congrats, GG, this episode kept me interested in the season.

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