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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Unanswered Questions: Gossip Girl Recap - 4/18/11 Episode

Gossip Girl was back from hiatus last night and while I was happy to have a more robust Monday night viewing schedule, I realize just how far this show has drifted from plausibility.  We’ll see how much longer this recap will last, because – let’s face it – Gossip Girl is no longer the best show on tv.  The show was great when there was a glimmer of truth in these prep school kids’ lives, but now it is so completely far-fetched.  Oh well, that’s how I’m feeling now; I could always change my mind.  Since I’m still on the fence, we’ll soldier on with this week’s Unanswered Questions:
  • Does Vanessa only pop up every couple episodes to stir up dramz by leaving a voicemail for someone to tell them their loved one has eyes for someone else?  I think she’s done this four times already.  When will she learn?
  • When Charlie shows up at the Modern Royalty photo shoot, did she think the family’s theme was ice capades?  It looks like she’s prepping to be on Skating with the Stars.  Serena dropped $1000 on her at Intermix and that's what she wound up with?  I would have at least expected a dress featuring some side boob with Serena as stylist. 
  • Speaking of Charlie’s outfit at the Modern Royalty shoot, did anyone else notice she’s in white while everyone else in the family is wearing black?  Symbolism!
  • How much satin is too much?  There are way too many shiny sheets at Blair/Serena/Charlie’s slumber party.  I felt like I was looking at what’s left after a Playboy shoot.
  • Uh oh.  Dan’s making goo goo eyes at Charlie during brunch.  Is this boy capable of liking anyone he’s not quasi-related to?  And wasn't he just staring longingly after Serena once Blair said the kiss meant nothing (though of course, up until she said that, he was into Blair)?  No one moves from girl to girl that fast...oh wait; teenage boys do.
  • Didn't Papa Van der Woodsen have to leave NYC by helicopter to escape the law?  If he's on the run, I'm thinking a very public photo shoot is not the best idea.
  • Does Lily really think she's going to teach crafts in jail like Martha Stewart?  I don't think that woman has crafted anything other than an alibi her entire life.
  • So clearly Charlie’s going to turn out to be some form of wackadoo, as her mother cryptically indicated to Lily.  If your child is, indeed, nutso and you’re about to let her live with another family, shouldn’t you give them a liiiittle more advice than “watch her”?  
As I'm sure you expected, most of our questions revolved around fresh meat Charlie.  Can't wait to see where that leads! 

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