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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Princess Pics

Most young girls are raised to believe it is not only possible but probably they will one day marry a prince. More specifically, here's how it would likely go down: You're walking down the street and see a boy.  In most scenarios, you don't realize he's actually a prince since usually he's posing as a commoner to see how normal people live.  Disguised or not, you somehow charm him, typically after insulting him because you don't care that he's a prince - girl power and all that.  Next thing you know, you're living in a palace with servants and your pick of the crown jewels.

Thanks to the many movies that follow this plotline, I still think that I will quite literally meet my Prince Charming and am enthralled by all things royal.  Like many, my royal fascination has gone into overdrive due to Prince William and Kate Middleton's impending wedding.  To fuel my obsession, I have a new favorite Kate Middleton tumblr: Kate Middleton For The Win.  Enjoy.

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