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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pick Prune

My friend Josh is moving to Chicago at the end of June, so I am trying to squeeze in as much time with him while I still can.  We planned to meet up with a few fellow Country Day kids for brunch and I left the picking up to Josh.  He chose Prune because he heard their "brunch is supposedly unreal."  I had heard the same thing (also about dinner) so I was all about his selection.

The restaurant is tiny (enough table seating for about 12 people and then bar seating for five more) so we had to put our names on the list and wait for a while.  I'm not gonna lie, it was a long wait, but if it's a gorgeous Spring die like it was today, you won't mind putting your name on the list and wandering around the LES/East Village.  Speaking of the Spring weather, let's just stop for a moment and appreciate how gorgeous it was today.  I forgot how many people lived in New York.  For months and months, everybody has been holed up in their apartments.  But today, the sun was shining, which means everybody was out and about, and I couldn't walk down the street without grazing someone's arm.  It was definitely time to break out the seersucker.

Everything on the menu looked great, but since today was Day 5 of Passover, I had to pick if I wanted to go the meat or dairy route.  I went with meat, so instead of getting one of the regular meals on the menu, I ordered two poached eggs, lamb sausage, and potato rosti (potato pancake).  It may not have been as exciting as some of the other meals on the menu, but it was prepared nicely, so I was happy with my choice.  The service was also to be noted.  Josh is a bumbling idiot and dropped half of his eggs benedict on the floor, covering his pants with hollandaise even before taking the first bite.  It was not necessary to reward his clumsiness, but the waitress quickly brought out a replacement. 

The best part of the meal - hands down - was the bloody mary menu.  There were ten different versions of the classic brunch libation and they got increasingly interesting as I went down the list.  I chose the Green Lake which was a classic bloody (prepared with the PERFECT amount of horseradish/spices) with wasabi and a beef jerky swizzler.  They bring all the bloodies to the table with a Red Stripe chaser.  It was amazing.  I will go back to Prune just for the bloody marys.  I've scanned the dinner menu and all the food looked like things I would enjoy.  They may not have bloodies at dinner time, but they do take reservations so I'm sure I'll be back.

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