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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Passover Play-by-Play: Days 4 and 5

In terms of food, yesterday and today were not super exciting, but in the spirit of documenting my Passover observance experiment, I'll fill you in:

  • Yesterday:
    • For lunch, I made a big salad with all sorts of interesting ingredients from the Whole Foods salad bar.  There is so much to choose from on this salad bar!  They have all the expected veggies, but then they have out of the ordinary proteins (like lentils and faro) and salads (beets and apples, salmon and orzo, antipasi, etc.) that can make your salad special.  I have found one of hardest things to cook for one is salad.  Unless I eat it for both lunch and dinner two days in a row, the veggies go bad before I can use them up and the salad bar lets me take just the amount of sprouts or sliced cucumber I need. 
    • Dinner was mostly leftovers, plus some homemade pimento cheese on matzah.  When I realized pimento cheese was a totally acceptable Passover dish, I was a very happy girl.  Matzah may not have been my cracker of choice, but when topped with the pimento cheese, it wasn't so Passover-y
    • Late night snack: One of my college roomies, Michelle, was in town so we spent the evening out at the bars.  After hopping from bar to bar in the rain, we walked into The Meatball Shop for some late night drunk food.  Michelle had heard about the restaurant from a friend and wanted to try it.  Since it is one of my favorites, I was happy to enable.  I didn't really know what I would be able to eat, but I was happy to learn the special of the day was Grandma's Balls.  I asked what were in them and found out they were actually a Passover special.  I never expected an Italian eatery to cater to the dietary needs of Jewish New Yorkers, but there they were, preparing beef meatballs with ketchup and matzah.  They were delicious and meatloaf-like.  Since I'm not eating bread, I went with the just balls option and gave Michelle my focaccia.  The vegetable of the day was snap peas with lemon herb butter.  This time, I don't think the Passover-friendly nature of the dish was intentional, but they were tasty nonetheless.  The only problem of the evening was that I inadvertently broke Passover by mixing milk and dairy.  I'll blame it on my alcohol consumption, but I decided on the pesto sauce for my meatballs.  I was so concerned about not getting one of the cream-based sauces that I completely forgot pesto is made with parmesan cheese.  I was halfway through my meal before it all clicked.  I'll admit, I woke up kind of hating myself for the mistake and feeling guilty that I enjoyed it.  The pesto wasn't on the menu last time I was there, but I think it was a necessary and perfectly made addition to the menu.  I am disappointed about my meat/dairy setback, but I will not let it throw me off track.  I am back on the Passover wagon.
  • Today: Leftovers and soup (spring onion from Whole Foods) all day long.  Good but blah.
Tomorrow, I think I'll get back to cooking.

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