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Monday, February 24, 2014


Instead of really doing anything for Valentine's Day, Albert and I made plans to go out on the 15th with a couple of friends.  It's pretty much what we would do on a regular Saturday night, but being Valentine's weekend gave us the excuse to indulge a bit.  Also, going out on the 15th instead of the 14th meant we were able to bypass all the prix fixe menus and overly sappy couples that come out of the woodwork on the romantic holiday.

Our "go big" meal was a steak bonanza at Knickerbocker's.  Though there is an extensive menu, we went straight for the steak because they have an amazing T-bone deal.  If you get the steak for four it comes to $41 per person and is served with creamed spinach or broccoli and your choice of potatoes.  Of course it's still expensive, but that's easily saving $5-$10 per person when compared to any other steakhouse.  The plate of meat arrives looking like a dinosaur and we attacked it like the carnivorous beasts we are.  We also tried a couple of apps with our meal; while the scallops were meh, the crab cake stood out.  Pretty much zero filler.

We ate our food with some nice live jazz accompaniment.  The whole thing was very 1960s.  That's one of the great things about New York.  In a city that has seen so many generations, if you look for it, it's not that hard to step into another time.

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