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Monday, February 10, 2014


I think of Delicatessen as one of those beautiful people restaurants.  Maybe it's because there are lots of fancy stores in SoHo.  Maybe it's because the restaurant is so crisp and white.  At 28 years old I should not be so easily intimidated.  There was nothing scary about the restaurant and I was pretty enough to fit in there.  Well, at least they didn't turn me away like in Pretty Woman.

They call the menu "international comfort food" and that's just a prissy way of saying basic continental.  Basic is exactly what I want when it comes to brunch.  Give me some properly cooked eggs and I'm a happy gal.  If I'm calling it brunch instead of lunch it usually means I'm tired from the night before and my head is probably a little cloudy.  That's no time to mess with complicated items.  What I'm looking for in that moment is something that has "scrambled," "poached," or "over easy" in the title.  This time, it happened to be an omelette with burrata and roasted tomatoes.  The tomatoes made it.  I added some avocado because I just knew it would make it better.  As usual, I was right.  The potatoes were nice and crispy, which was good because mushy potatoes really kill my brunch vibe.

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