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Friday, February 7, 2014


It's always nice to try a new restaurant, but it's downright exciting when that restaurant is one you didn't even know existed.  Last week, Lindsay introduced me to Bakehouse.  Even though I've strolled the West Village streets often, this restaurant had never come onto my radar thanks to it's location all the way over by the river.  

The interior is a combo of farmhouse style with the wooden tables and industrial with the exposed pipes.  It made it feel almost communal even though tables were spaced far apart.  While I liked looking around the restaurant, the view through the windows was even better.  The river and skyline scene was nice and relaxing - a perfect thing to look at while trying to relax on a Friday after a long work week.

The bistro style menu is very reasonably priced.  My bethune pizza was incredibly rich - the gruyere was more of a bechemel sauce on the pizza so this would definitely be a good sharing item.  I also tried the Brussels sprouts.  They were a little heavy handed with the pepper, but roasted Brussels sprouts are always good.  Lindsay said her steak tartare was very good and filling since the large portion came with a side of fries.  I wouldn't say the food was "standout", but for the moderate price and wonderful view, I was very happy.

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