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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Mi Casa

After Allison broke her wrist on the first run of the ski trip, she got to pick the restaurant. A Train wanted Mexican so Mark whipped out the iPhone to compare the two Mexi restaurants on Yelp. Mi Casa won out as the best in Breck so off we went.

Mi Casa has all the usual Mexican dishes like quesadillas and tacos, but they've also added some Rocky Mountain touches like elk enchiladas (my father's choice) and buffalo fajitas. You know you're in Colorado when game is automatically added to the menu, regardless of cuisine.

We started with queso because, well, there was no way I would allow otherwise since it suspiciously doesn't exist in NYC. It was a great version with extra peppers to take it beyond the regular melted white cheese dip. My Mom and Allison shared the carnitas and cleared the plate. Mark got the shrimp diablo (pictured). It showed up murder-red so you knew it was going to be spicy. It packed some heat, but the polenta cake took your mind off of it a bit. I've never seen polenta in Mexican food, but I'm not going to kick it out of the club. I ordered the chorizo quesadillas and added mushrooms. I know there's not much to quesadillas, but I thought this was delicious. Perfect cheese to filling ratio with a nice drizzle of Serrano crema. This quesadilla didn't need mounds of sour cream, guac, and salsa to make it taste right. It was perfect as is.

I wouldn't go as far as to say that Mi Casa is Nuevo Latino, but they certainly gave traditional Mexican the mountain treatment. If I'm traveling all the way to Colorado, I want to infuse a little of the local pizazz into the food. It also gave Allison the opportunity to self medicate with margaritas and cervesas, which may be better than modern medicine.

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