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Thursday, February 11, 2010

They Broke The Mold When They Made Me

Well, obviously the title of this post is true.  Good or bad, I am a unique individual.  I emboss my books with my monogram after I finish reading them, in 7th grade I memorized the description booklet that comes with Godiva chocolates (for fun), and I can't sleep without my treasured stuffed animal, Bella.  The aforementioned quirks - along with many others - make me a tad...different.  I realize this and embrace it.  But I didn't really grasp how I stood in a league apart from my peers until a monumental event about 7-10 days ago: celebrity doppelgänger week on facebook.  If you don't know what this is (Mommy), last week, everyone started changing their profile pictures to feature the celebrities they're told they resemble.  Jake Gyllenhaals and Blossoms started popping up all over my newsfeed. 

Now, I am not a crazy facebooker by nature, and in recent months/years the toy has become a little less shiny in my eyes.  I don't do applications, status updates, or any of those games.  (I don't understand Mafia or Farmville, and if someone tries to explain them to me, I probably won't even pretend to listen.)  Needless to say, celebrity doppelgänger week is not my cup of tea, but I felt completely ashamed of my unique-ness upon realizing that I couldn't participate even if I wanted to.  I don't look like any celebrity.  I couldn't even pass for a cartoon character.  How embarrassing!   

At first it made me kinda sad realizing I wasn't cool enough to look like a famous person.  Now I realize that while I may not share a famous mug, that just means this face is all mine...unless, of course, someone wants to use it as their celebrity doppelgänger on facebook - in which case, I'd be flattered.

P.S.-If you do think I look like a celeb, please post in the comments


  1. altho i am not the least bit famous, and never will be, it has been said (at least a bajillion times) that you look like me.
    so maybe in nyc you wont't be stopped on the street being mistaken for a celeb, but in little savannah ga everywhere you go, you'll surely hear that "famous refrain" YOU LOOK JUST LIKE YOUR MOTHER!!

  2. You look like a celeb! DWIND



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