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Monday, February 15, 2010

Movies: The Good, The Cute, and The Freaky (not necessarily in that order)

In the last week, I have managed to cross several movies off my list and because I'm sure you've been dying to know all about what I've been up to (really, what else would you be doing over the long Presidents Day weekend if not worrying about my movie watching and blogging habits?), I'm providing you a handy recap of all three.  Right here.  Right now.

First up, Grey Gardens.  Please note, the movie to which I refer is not the new HBO producing, Golden Globe winning, Drew Barrymore starring one - no no, this is the original documentary on which that movie was based.  Allow me to provide some of the crazy background.  Mother/daughter team Big Edie and Little Edie Bouvier Beale were two former socialites who moved out to their East Hampton mansion and basically became recluses until their awful living conditions (thousands of pounds of garbage, cats, no running water) were exposed by the National Enquire and opened them up to raids by the Health Department.  The home was going to be torn down until their niece/cousin, JACKIE O, paid to clean everything up.

The movie I watched was a documentary showcasing their sordid, bizarre, everyday lives.  Watching this movie was like seeing a car get T-boned on the highway in slo-mo.  In a good way.  As New York City socialites, they must have been normal at some point, but you have to search pretty deep beneath the crazy to see the women they used to be.  I have so many questions about these ladies.  I would love to have seen them in their youth and watched their descent into Crazytown, which is apparently located in the posh Hamptons area.

My favorite part occurs in the beginning of the film when Little Edie tells her 80 year old mother to cover up because of "the boobies".  I can't fully explain it, but I loved watching these women interact.  I also loved watching Little Edie call everyone "darling," which occurs approximately 792 times.

I'll go through the next two movies quickly:

  • Valentines Day: Adorable.  However, ladies, please don't force your boyfriends to see this as your own special Valentines Day activity.  He won't want to go.  When he tells you he does, he's lying, which if you think about it is sorta sweet, so keep him around.  Just go see a different movie together, like Shutter Island.  However, if you want to see a movie with the gals, this is a cute one.  If you enjoyed Love Actually, you'll like this.  If you don't make it to the theater, no big, but be sure to rent it later and watch with a bottle of wine.
  • Julie and Julia: So happy Dave got me this DVD for Valentines Day.  One of my top 4 books of all time is Julia Child's My Life in France, which is the basis for half this movie.  The other half is based on a women who likes to cook and blogs.  Huh, sounds familiar.  Glad I got to check this Oscar nom (for Meryl Streep's performance) off my list.  In the end, this movie is all about food and the modern woman.  I can't think of a worthier subject.

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