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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Super Duper Bowl

In my mind, "Superbowl Sunday" equals "sinful food with a side of commercials."  Because I'm a college football fan who has yet to really get into the pros, food and advertising is pretty much my focus on the most famous Sunday of the year.  This year, we gathered at Richy and Lauren's apartment to watch the Colts and the Saints throwdown; however, I didn't really see this game as Saints vs. Colts.  To me, it was more Kim Kardashian vs. Kendra Girl Next Door.  It was the battle of the E! reality stars.

I love Superbowl food.  It's all about dips, beer, and greasy-ness.  In addition to the usual suspects (pigs in a blanket, salsa, and chili), there were a couple of standouts.  Hopefully my contribution was among them.  I brought lamb and goat cheese sliders in puff pastry with a roasted red pepper aioli sauce for dipping.  Way easier and less messy than it sounds.  Lauren made an amazing hummus layer dip.  I plan to get the recipe and pass it off as my own at my next party.  I kid; I'll give her credit.  I couldn't stop eating.  I made the mistake of placing my chair too close to the buffet and was slightly embarrassed when Dave looked at me wide-eyed and said "wow, you really are hungry."

Onto the ads:
  • Tebow's pro-life ad: hated it.  This has NOTHING to do with my stance on abortion (my views on which I will not state here).  I just didn't want to see Tim Tebow on the screen while I was watching the Superbowl.  The boy plagues me throughout the college football season and now invades the one day I care about the pros.  Get outta my face.
  • As always, Bud/Bud Light (particularly T Pain - because he makes an appearance in everyone's songs, why not their Superbowl commercials), and Doritos were solid
  • Boost Mobile Shuffle: left me confused
  • Why were there two no-pants commercials in a row (Dockers and Career Builder)?  Slightly disturbing.  Has ANYONE heard of boxers?!
  • Charles Barkley's Taco Bell rap: he just looked uncomfortable, which made me uncomfortable - not a good cycle
  • Hyundai's 2020 Favre MVP: Ha.  Because it's true.
  • Google's Parisian Love: This one made me go "awww".  It was pretty much as cute as a box of puppies.

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