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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thank You, Will Ferrell

I just watched You're Welcome, America and found it hilarious.  Does that shock you?  Many would assume that, as a Republican, I would automatically hate something that is built on the mockery of "my people."  But funny is funny, my friends; and Will Ferrell is funny. 

I immediately regretted not getting off my booty to see this one man show live on Broadway.  As an avid Broadway lover and frequent attendee, I am surprised I never made it there but, alas, it was a short engagement and I missed my window.  Thankfully, HBO anticipated this huge error in judgement and taped it for my current enjoyment.  True, I got rid of all my premium channels (another error in judgement, I know - True Blood, Dexter, blah blah blah), but Netflix once again flew in to save the day.

If you enjoyed Will Ferrell's W impression on SNL, you'll love this.  It's bigger, better, and - as George Dubbs would say - more funnier.

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