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Friday, April 18, 2014

Five Points

What's better than an evening at the spa?  An evening at the spa followed by a really good meal.

Five Points has farm fresh food with a menu that updates with the seasons.  For my meal, I munched on a lot of smaller items like the wood oven baked king oyster mushrooms.  This falls under the starter menu which insinuates it can be shared.  But don't do it.  Sharing means you get to eat less and that would be awful.  These meaty shrooms are covered in several types of cheese and herbs.  The top of the cheese is crusty while the middle is stringy.  I tried to make it last and savored every bite.  My beet and ramp soup was veggie-tastic without feeling like you're in a juice bar thanks to the addition of yogurt and chickpeas (who knew chickpeas could be such a good soup ingredient?).  We also shared the Brussels sprouts with pimentón vinaigrette (super roasty like I like em with a flavor that was something other than bacon) and the radishes with butter to appease the Francophile in me.  Had I not been observing Passover, I would have gone nuts for the potato pizza with truffle oil and fontina like everyone else at our table.  Guess it just means I'll have to go back.

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