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Thursday, April 10, 2014

3 on Thursday

Last weekend I blinked and it was time to go back to work.  I was just getting into full relaxation mode when I realized the weekend was coming to a close.  If you're planning a low key weekend soon, I highly suggest checking out The Grand Budapest Hotel.  For Wes Anderson fans, it's a goodie.
Background: graffiti in Spanish Harlem 

  1. That's an ice cream sandwich on macarons, which is how all ice cream sandwiches should be served.
  2. Someone sent me this most amazing mug so I can proudly display my obsession  healthy love for teacup pigs.
  3. Albert planned a great date night on Friday.  I met up with him as he was finishing happy hour and then we walked down to the East Village for a flight at Good Beer followed by dinner at whatever place we wandered into (which happened to be Veselka - yum).  I really liked one of the beers in my flight, the Canton Brewing Company's Regular Coffee.  They don't distribute bottles of it, so I took a mini growler home with me.  

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