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Thursday, April 24, 2014

3 on Thursday

I try very hard to keep Passover every year.  Giving up all bread products is easy now that gluten free is such a trend, but the hard part for me is keeping the kosher rules that apply year-round (no mixing meat and dairy, no pork, and no shellfish).  I just feel weird keeping the Passover part of kosher without the regular part of kosher.  It's kind of like smoking a cigarette while also being hooked up to an oxygen tank for lung cancer.  So basically I go from zero to kosher for 8 days.  My Passover rules aren't for everyone but they work for me so that's that.  I may do it, but I haaaate it.  It is hard to give up bacon or never putting a cream sauce on your chicken.  But if it was easy it wouldn't serve as the reminder of my heritage that I need it to be.  It was tough, but a few things helped me through:
Background: Can't believe I found Girl Scouts pounding the pavement in the middle of NYC!  Now that Passover is over I can finally eat my favorite Tagalongs.

  1. Albert and I went to Boston last weekend to spend Easter with his sister and brother-in-law.  We stayed til Monday evening so we could watch the marathon, which was particularly impactful the year after the bombing.  We saw the city and country come together to show they were #bostonstrong and would not be held down after an attack.  We stationed ourselves right at the last mile and were able to see thousands of emotional people pushing themselves to the finish line.  We even saw runners come to the aid of a man whose legs wore out and carry him nearly a mile to the finish. 
  2. Our Easter was not exactly conventional.  (Fine by me since I'm Jewish.)  We didn't go to mass like Albert always did in his Catholic upbringing, but we did have brunch and spent a lot of time with family and that's the important part.
  3. One restaurant we went to in the Somerville area of Boston had a great pair of legs hanging off the wall.  It was so random and reminded me of the leg lamp in A Christmas Story.  

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