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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Hu Kitchen

I was wary when Amy wanted to eat at Hu Kitchen before a movie this weekend.  One look at the menu and I could tell it was super healthy - and not in the sneak veggies into your kids' meals sort of way.  The word "organic" was thrown around a little too often for my taste and I couldn't find cheese anywhere on the menu.  Hu Kitchen tries to adhere to the principles of the paleo diet which sounds absurd to me.  The idea behind paleo is to eat only things that were available to cave men.  Well, I think cave men evolved for a reason and that reason was to eat better.

I grumbled and sneered all the way to the restaurant...and then something weird happened: I really enjoyed my meal.  There was no cheese in my socca wrap burrito #1 (with egg, turkey sausage, carrot, celery, mushroom, onion, and chili, wrapped in a chickpea sponge bread) but it was packed with flavor.  At Hu Kitchen "healthy" doesn't just mean lo-cal.  It means unprocessed.  I think the fact that the food was all fresh is a big part of why I remained full for so long after eating it.  The food is still solid - you're getting more than a piece of kelp and a sweet potato fry with agave nectar on the plate.  The lack of dreadlocked diners is another indication that the health food movement does not have to be alternative.  While I'm still in New Years Resolution mode, this is a good option to stay on the healthy track.      

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