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Thursday, January 23, 2014

3 on Thursday

The cold is back in NYC.  We're talkin' single digits brrrr.  I brought out an extra blanket last night and now my bed is so warm and cozy it's become nearly impossible to get out of it.
Snow is beautiful...until it's been there for a day or two.  Then, the sides of the street are covered in gray mush, as pictured in today's background.

  1. I loved the china at Talde.  The food may be more upscale, but the Chinatown style plates reminded me not to take it too seriously.  I liked it even more when I saw half the table received a different, non-Asian, floral pattern.  The mismatched dinnerware made the meal feel more intimate.
  2. Now that it's freezing out, I can't just throw on shorts and flip flops for a quick, late night Duane Reade run.  In this weather, my "just throw it on" outfit is a full gray sweatsuit with giant, nearly knee-high Uggs.  Apparently, in the wintertime, my drug store runs bring out my inner thug.
  3. Football is totally different in the North.  In the South, it's never cold enough to wear winter gear during the games but when I went to the Niners bar over the weekend for the playoff game, beanies abounded.  

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