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Monday, January 27, 2014

Extra Virgin

Extra Virgin is a great place for a date.  I know this because while I was there with a couple girlfriends, we noticed most of the tables around us were occupied by couples.  And why wouldn't they be?  Extra Virgin is a tiny West Village restaurant and "tiny" and "West Village" are three words that can basically be scrambled around to spell "romantic date night".

The menu isn't necessarily made for sharing so I suppose that makes Steph, Brutus, and I three outlaws on a Friday night.  We started with the roasted artichoke salad.  With fresh shaved parmesan, pancetta, and a poached egg, it was pretty much everything I wanted in a salad.  It was my favorite dish of the evening, but the other dishes we also very tasty.  The description for the tuna tartare tart led me to believe there would be too many ingredients on the plate, but thankfully there was plenty of tuna among the puff pastry, pea sprouts, and mango.  The short rib tacos were far more filling than a typical appetizer taco, which means there was actually meat inside, not just a teeny tiny taco shell requiring a magnifying glass.  Finally we shared the butternut squash ravioli.  It was good but just a tad too sweet for me.  The service was a bit spotty, but when you're three gals out on a Friday night, it's hard to be bothered.

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