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Thursday, January 9, 2014

3 on Thursday

I hope everyone is loving 2014 so far.  This is my first full week back in the office in quite a while so I'm still getting my bearings.  Without any holidays to look forward to for a while, the winter no longer means fun; it means cold.  I'm keeping myself mentally warm by remembering all the fun we've had so far this winter so please enjoy this New Years themed "3 on Thursday."
Background from Paddy Maguire's, which was decorated to make me feel like I was inside a Christmas tree.

  1. When you don't have speakers, just stick your iPhone in a cup.  I was skeptical, but it really works and kept the party going on New Years Eve.
  2. Cheers to 2014!
  3. After a party at my apartment, we migrated to a karaoke bar in K-Town.  It was my first time at Gogopa, and although the elevator ride is a little scary, it was a great new find.  It's cheaper than most places and is BYOB.  The rooms are equipped with bottle openers, cork screws, and tambourines so you're guaranteed a good time.  And they gave us free candy when we left.  

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