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Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Designing custom lipsticks can work up an appetite so after creating some custom shades, Karina and I headed to Fish for some supper.  I've walked by this West Village seafood spot plenty of times but never walked inside.  Why not?  Because seafood, particularly shellfish, is expensive when you're not in a place like Savannah.  All I had to do, however, was walk inside and see their daily special written on the board.  It would have been enough to hook me (that's a fishing reference, fyi).  For $8, you get 6 oysters or 6 clams and a glass of house wine or PBR.  A glass of wine alone would cost $8, as would 6 oysters.  This is a STEAL in the seafood world. 

We each started with the special and then shared an entrée for a perfectly sized meal.  We went with the fish and chips.  The cod was nice and flaky, piping hot, and perfectly battered.  And they were kind enough to split it for us before even bringing it to the table - points for service.

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