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Thursday, July 4, 2013

3 on Thursday

Happy 4th of July, bloggies! Fingers crossed that the weather holds up so I can spend the day by the pool. If not, I'm still going to enjoy the time off work!

Bite is the best Canadian import's the best Canadian import. The beauty company just set up a small shop in Manhattan where you can design your own lipstick. The whole process takes about ten minutes and costs $30. I consider that a steal when I realize my Chanel lipstick cost nearly that much and I didn't get to blend colors, add fragrance or choose glossiness. I had the specialist help me design a color that was deep but still summer appropriate with a berry base. It took her about two seconds to nail it. 
Johnny Harris is an old Savannah restaurant with plenty of history. My grandparents went there as children just like I did. That might sound sentimental but if you had their barbecue sauce you'd know there's reason behind this dreamy mentality. I was so happy to come home and find that my Mom had shipped me three bottles since you can't buy it up here.  
My first trip to Baton Rouge was a major success thanks to Patricia's eye for a good party. She always knew how to throw down in college and her wedding was the most extreme of any party she's ever thrown. Louisiana has a wedding style all their own, right down to the music. Everyone should experience at least one wedding on the bayou in their lifetime.  

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