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Thursday, September 20, 2012

3 on Thursday

I spent all last weekend running errands for the apartment and it still didn't all get done.  That means every day after work is devoted to apartment prep, as is this upcoming weekend.  It's my last chance to get everything perfect before a string of three weekends that includes two weddings, a trip to DC, and very little time to breathe.  No pressure!
Just a bunch of birds chillin on a traffic light pole.

What's great about these boots is not that they were only $35 at Forever 21 (but what a steal!).  The best part of this purchase was how I had no idea what to do with them.  I knew it was a trendy piece that could make an ensemble, but I am not whom one would usually refer to as trendy so I did a little crowd sourcing.  Right after I walked out of the store I tweeted "Just bought a pair of ankle motorcycle I just need someone to teach me how to them #fashionchallenged"  Within 30 minutes I had three responses that gave me tons of outfit ideas.  Social media is not just about stalking ex boyfriends and the sluts they start dating after you.  Now it can help you get dressed in the morning!
Part of my decorating process includes a little DIY action.  I picked up these fun knobs (and the bowl they're sitting in) from Anthropologie.  It seems small, but something as simple as new hardware can change the way a room looks (or so I'm hoping).  I've been very concerned about having an apartment that looks sophisticated but still unique.  Here's hoping I have some "oo where'd you get that?!" moments when the apartment is unveiled. 

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