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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I Love the Smell of Burger in the Morning

Typically, you use a scented candle to cover up kitchen odors resulting from the latest fish or burger experiment.  But what if the smell wafting from that candle was burger, that of White Castle specifically?  If you're most people, you are disgusted...if you're me, you're intrigued.

Though I have never been to a White Castle, I hear it's the same as Krystal and I LOOOVE Krystal.  I especially love the way they spell Krystal, like a kind-hearted stripper.  The tiny burgers melt in your mouth and watching them hand your sackful over the counter (that would be 24 of the tiny burgers) is like being handed the mother of all goody bags at a birthday party.

The candle was created to honor the 18th anniversary of burger month.  HOLD THE PHONE.  There's an entire month devoted to burgers?  I must celebrate, and I think this candle is the perfect way to commemorate the holiday.  For only $10, the candle is a deal - a small price to pay to enjoy the sweet scent of burger.  If you're lucky enough to count yourself as one of my friends, you may find this in your Christmas stocking.

1 comment:

  1. all things being equal, where's the candle for mac 'n cheese??!!



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