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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Gleecap:5/25 Episode

Due to my extreme Glee love (or Glove, as i now like to say), the show has officially made its way to weekly recap status, aptly named The Gleecap.  See what I did there?  I combined the words Glee and recap...kinda like what I did a second ago with Glee and love.  That's punny.  This Gleecap comes complete with a Diva-meter measuring the episode's awesomeness.  We'll start each episode at zero, award points for great moments, lines, and songs, and subtract points for song irrelevance, too much cheesiness, and overall blah-ness.  Let's dive right into this week's episode...

  • Poker Face should have been a duet with Quinn and Puck.  With the mother/daughter duo, it was a forced GaGa song that did not fit the plotline.  My biggest qualm about this half of the season is how it's more about just throwing in songs they like vs. songs that match the story.  Oddly, Poker Face's message of hiding your feelings does mesh with Quinn and Puck.  -5 for chanteuse choice, but +2 for a divalicious rendition featuring two of Broadway's greatest.  -1 because they were overly bubbly/happy while singing but devastated immediately before and after.
  • Glee clubbers walking around school all week in crazy costumes = weird, but +1 because only a diva could do it.
  • Santana has flown under the radar but recently showed off her phenomenal pipes during Like a Virgin, The Boy is Mine, and last night's Bad Romance.  +3 for this diva on the DL.  Also, one of my favorite lines since the show came back from the break came out of her mouth (meriting a +5):  
    • Rachel: (trying to talk about boy trouble) I have a question
    • Santana: Yes, you should move to Israel
  • Rachel: I need a pen.  I need a pen.  The ideeeas.  They just come to me.  +2
  • Mike O'Malley's lecture was even better than his performance in the Time Warner vs. Fios commercials.  +1 for a diva tirade.
  • Where's Jesse?  -2.  He's a divo (aka male diva, to quote an old episode of My Super Sweet Sixteen).  It's high school.  Just because you're a transfer student with a good voice doesn't mean you get to stay at home because you "feel like it" or because [more likely] you're "not essential in the episode."  Not an excuse.  That Matt kid didn't speak until last night's episode but was always at least sitting in the background
  • -3 for Kurt's room design.  Even though he's over-the-top, he's not so oblivious that he would think it's ok to decorate a super straight boy's room that way.  +1 because it led to good confrontation.
  • Idina Menzel's Funny Girl gets a -3 because it didn't have much to do with the lesson she was trying to teach her students (though we understand it was really only there for Rachel to make the mommy connection).  But +3 for finally giving her a song after four episodes.
  • +1 for Quinn's suggestion that Tina's new identity should be a computer programmer since it sorta seemed like she said that because Tina's Asian.
Total: 5-->This episode is the diva equivalent of Britney.  Her voice is nowhere near diva quality but her behavior is...well, her behavior is more nutjob than diva, making behavior a wash.  BUT she is just enough of a diva to be known occasionally by just one name.  So it was with last night's episode.  Not overly diva nor was it the best we'd seen in a while, but just diva enough to keep us interested in its shenanigans.

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