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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cheese, Please

Cheese = Best food product EVER.

One of the greatest weekend activities is heading to Murray's Cheese in the West Village to pick out some fromage.  When I found out Dave had never experienced the utopia that is Murray's, I insisted we go that very second.  We chose 5 cheeses and rounded out the platter with a baguette, prosciutto, and spicy sopresatta.  Absolutely everything in Manhattan delivers - even the liquor store around the corner- so when it was too chilly to munch on our goodies in Central Park, I had my neighborhood wine buddy send over a Chardonnay and we had a little picnic in my apartment.

If you haven't been to Murray's, go.  If you've gone, go again.  The cheesemongers really know their stuff and provided great recommendations that I will remember thanks to the handy, detailed descriptions on the labels used to wrap the cheese (that I save for future reference).  By the way, I love that word.  I would love even more to reply "I'm a cheesemonger" when someone asks me what I do for a living. 

Our spread wasn't exactly cheap ($58), but when you consider our massive order that consisted of five 1/2 lb blocks of cheese plus all the accoutrements, we made out like bandits.  One of the huge hunks of cheese came to less than $4!  Now that spring has sprung, I encourage you to compile a picnic basket and take it to the park for a relaxing afternoon.  The leftovers make for some phenomenal pasta dishes. 

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  1. how come whenever it is that someone is ready to take my picture & they instruct "say cheeeeeese" i am the first to reply, "MANCHEGO"!?!
    j'aime le frommage, aussi



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