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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Unanswered Questions: Gossip Girl Recap - 2/7/11 Episode

This was maybe not the most exciting episode we've ever seen, so let's just get right to it:

  • Does anyone else think Dan's hair makes him look like a character from The Outsiders?
  • Why would Rufus be ok with his son living with a convicted felon?  Even if Ben is innocent, it's probably not the best idea to stick your son in a tiny loft with a guy who has done hard time.
  • Dan tells Damien that if he finds out he's lying, he'll make sure he never steps foot in this town again.  Isn't that Blair territory?  Dan lives in Brooklyn and has little pull in Manhattan.
  • Can Blair be promoted?  She's in college and would never have time for a full time job.  Apparently it's possible because James Franco does it, but James Franco is a celebrity, not just some rich kid.  Also, James Franco is almost 33 years old and still going to college...I'm guessing that's not what Blair has in mind.
  • Why did it take this long for anyone to talk to Damien's father?  If there was such an easy way to take Damien down, why did no one talk to him during any one of the other times he was tormenting the GG crew?
Til next week...

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