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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Top of the Ninth

Last Saturday we celebrated Matt's birthday at Ninth Ward.  I was impressed for two reasons:

  1. I really like the bar - great crowd
  2. Jen, who's been going to sleep around 9:30 due to the fact that she's popping out a baby in just over 5 weeks, managed to stay up super late
This New Orleans themed bar in the East Village is dark and intimate with plenty of corners to get cozy.  In fact, in the back there are several u-shaped booths with curtains that you may close for extra privacy.  This would be the perfect place to snack on the creole food I saw on the menu but sadly didn't get to try.  I also hear there's a patio out back that's open during the summer.  Maybe, just maybe, it will be warm enough to open up the patio on Mardi Gras because I'm thinking this would be the perfect place to spend the holiday.

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